Reiki Meditation – Letting Go

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Päiväys ja aika
Date(s) - 18.10.2023
20.00 - 20.30

In this Reiki Meditation Facebook Live we will start with some energetic exercises to connect ourselves to the essential energies of Earth qi, Heaven qi and Heart qi to find balance in our being.

We will continue with a reiki self-care method, going through our whole body gently with our hands.

In the meditation, we will let go of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. We will let go of anger and worry, and search for compassion inside ourselves.

The event lasts for approximately 30 minutes. You can sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing, and remember to drink enough water after the meditation.

Meditation time:
8 pm Finland, Estonia
7 pm Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain
6 pm Portugal, UK

You don’t need any previous knowledge of reiki to attend this event.

You will find the live event on the Divein Experiences Facebook page.

Reiki Meditation – Letting Go


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